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A sexual position representing the strength of a moari tribes man. The māoris are well known for their appreciation of their female partners, therefore the incorporation of the ultimate female sexual stimulation is what creates this sexual position. The female is sat on the male's shoulders, with a swift movement, the male brings the female's body around towards his face where he inserts two fingers into the vagina with the left hand and holds the lower back with his right hand, whilst simultaneously giving oral sex to his female companion . Creating the image of the Māori Mask.
Warning: do not try this without a soft landing area or craddle equipment .
I gave my girlfriend a good old māori mask -ing last night.

I want to attempt to māori mask as many women as possible in this club tonight, Then I'll be the chief!

I love being my boyfriend's Māori Mask.
by muffdivingpro February 25, 2014
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