A subspecies of neckbeards and gentlesirs, a m'goodboy is a neet who lives with his mother and indulges in chicken tendies on the daily. a true intellectual, he accumulates his GBP by helping out his mummy and tyrone who visits occasionally. usually obese, a m'goodboy spends his time playing WOW and other MMORPG's. He can be dangerous if he is not fed his tendies, and if his piss jugs are left filled.
M'goodboy: Mummy, I want to trade my 100 GBP for some delicious tendies!
Mummy: Of course, such a m'goodboy. Want me to empty your piss jugs too?
M'goodboy: Yes I do mummy, such a splendid offer!
by Daisaku Kuze March 31, 2021
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