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Involuntary and effortlessly quoting or singing(and often dancing to) lyrics directly related to key words, phrases, and gestures during conversations and discussions. Stantonian genetics are the main cause of this distressing mutation, alongside being subjected to prolonged AM/FM sittings through childhood, and symptoms such as large thighs, excessive pikey-ness and inability to stop talking are not uncommon.
Kay: Watched 'The A Team' last night.. was a good film to be fair.
Jade: "And theyyy sayyy, she's in the class aaaaa teammm.. stuck in her dayyyydreamm" shizzle, there goes my lyrical tourettes again!

Aunty Det: Oooh, I'd love a pair of those furry Ugg boots!
Nico: "Apple bottom jeanssss.. bootsss with tha furrrrrr! And the whole club was lookin at herrrrrr" damn you, lyrical tourettes!
by lady_docca October 03, 2011
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