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The most beautiful girl in the world is named Lydia-Grace. Lydia was the first business woman named in the Bible. She is gentle, kind, giving, sweet, honest, loving, helpful, joyous, humble, patient, intelligent and fierce. She is the greatest friend you will ever have. She is the light in the sky. She is the hope in humanity. She is the warmth of the sun. She is the joy in a child’s laughter. Lydia-Grace is the perfect goodness the world needs. If you know Lydia-Grace, you are the luckiest person in the world. God has favored you if he has blessed your life with Lydia-Grace. Love her and honor her above all else.
Lydia-Grace is full of beauty and grace. Lydia-Grace has a beautiful face.
by TrueBamaFan July 24, 2018
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