a were wolf more commonly known as an ultima he loves aphmau so much and will stop at NOTHING to protect her #Aarmau
Ein: HAHAHA She is mine now!!!
Aaron lycan: *Desimates ein and takes back aphmau*
by Kawaii_SnowFlake November 17, 2020
Melissa Lycan is a Character from a series called Mystreet from a Youtuber called Aphmau, She was first introduced in season 3 and became a member of the group, she is Aaron's big sister and a huge Aarmau shipper like Kawaii~Chan.
Rachel Lycan: Melissa Lycan!
Aaron Lycan: Oh no she used your full name, you're in trouble...
Melissa Lycan: Mom...?
by Zana_Ashida August 29, 2021
Lycan Foot - a girl with unusually large or long feet and toes. Often times accompanied by unusual tufts of body hair and elongated toenails.

Also an appearance or effect most frequently seen in video (porn) recordings whenever a specific and highly favored lens of the adult industry is used.

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‘Dude, I’m gonna go talk to that chick in the green bikini, she’s fire!’

‘Bro, I hate to break it to you, but promise me you’ll take a good look at her feet first - she’s a Lycan Foot!
by DirtyFilthyNastyPerv August 22, 2019
To abuse and stalk a woman pathetically.
Teddy went all Lycan on that woman today. Totally creepy.
by Goblin13 April 20, 2013
A werewolf,perhaps,lycan...are very different. A Lycan transform's into half-human+half-wolf and can not control them selves as easy as werewolf's do. I know this because of the Urban myth and plus I know my myths,at the moment I'm a Therian (Still human almost full werewolf),but this is not my story life....A werewolf are also known as The Guardians Of The Land,because they protect all species from bad. If you was to be a werewolf,in matter of fact a Lycan Or a werewolf,It's your choice right now if your making a decision to go to Hell,or Heaven by making a easy decision to protect,or destroy. Of course you must follow what you proceed with. There are many ways to became a Werewolf : 1.A spell,hopefully White Magic (or black which means your a dark breed) 2:You were born that way. 3:You can't be bit to become one,It's truly impossible,only Lycan's are bit. A werewolf is able to transform at will but warning! They do change when angry. A werewolf also looks like a Massive Wolf as seen in The Twilight Saga but a tad smaller.
by I know my legends,trust me! December 3, 2017