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noun plural but singular or plural in construction \ˌlup-ə-ˈnāl-yə, -ˈnā-lē-ə\

Definition of LUPINALIA

1 capitalized: the festival of Wolves in ancient Rome beginning on October 16

2 singular, plural lupinalias also lupinalia

a: an unrestrained often licentious furry celebration : furpile orgy

b: yiffy excess, yiffy extravagance

— lup·i·na·lian \-ˈnāl-yən, -ˈnā-lē-ən\ adjective

— lup·i·na·lian·ly adverb
"Last night was Lupinalia, and, fox, is my tailhole sore!"
by jtx86 April 22, 2013
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