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What a lumberjack wheres in the devastatingly cold months. Often times has a plaid pattern on it and most definitely has a lining on the inside, it would even keep Jack Frost warm. In fact it's so legit the last person to be seen wearing one was The Most Interesting Man In The World on a lumberjacking mission. It's illegal in 4 states, 3 countries, 2 Australian territories, and the Samoan Islands.
I've gotta get myself one of those lumberjackets, they're sweet!
by Rk4 August 01, 2010
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A plaid, warm jacket worn by grunge-punks and lumber-jacks. Originally derived from the phrase "Lumber-Jack Jacket" while walking around the mall today with Sam and discussing how much Kurt Cobain and my favorite hockey player dress alike.
I love kurt Cobain and the grunge look. Complete with lumberjacket and the best band EVER!!!!
by Bus55_is_4_StraightEdgers_only February 07, 2004
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