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Someone who gets offended easily on the internet, providing "epic lulz" to the people who annoy said lulzcow in the first place, fueling an endless cycle of lulz.
Winston: Hey, did you see that YouTube video of that 12 year old who screamed "I'M NOT A HOMO!"?

Hajji: Yeah dude, he's a total lulzcow. The commenters on his videos are getting exactly what they're aiming for - his rage recorded on the intarwebs, complete with fair use laws to let them download his video and "remix" it, which infuriates him more.
by InstantWinston May 16, 2009
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An ass clown. Someone who provides many lulz from their own ridiculousness.
Bill: Did you go to that link I sent you the other day?

Ted: Yeah, that guy was a lulzcow.
by kiwigum2 May 31, 2007
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