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A fat, self-centered girl with porcine features and the personality of Mel Gibson. Favourite occupations include bitching about other people to make her feel better about herself and stirring up trouble for the sake of it.
Someone disliked even by her own family, who is too enraptured with herself to notice.
Also known as a Reality Troll; Brucy; Bruce-Pig; Him-Bitch;
May be mistaken for an overweight guy in poor light.
Example 1;
Guy 1: Hey, do you think that she's hot enough to sleep with?
Guy 2: Hell no! She's a Lucy Patrick for sure. I'd be too scared that she would try and eat me. And then bitch about me not tasting good.

Example 2;
Guy 1: Hey, did you hear that Brucy was being so bitchy that some guy actually tried to strangle her?
Guy 2: Yeah, I heard about that. Her brother was there and just laughed about it afterwards.
Guy 1: That guy is awesome. I don't know how he could be related to a Reality Troll like her.
by MegaSolipsist March 21, 2012
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