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a very well thought out and complex movie. The entire plot is a twist and at the end of the movie all of its confusing details are revealed. Movie in a nut shell- a man bets on a rigged horse loses, and is killed along with his wife and kid. However the kid was not really killed and some years later eventually reaches the men responsible for his parents death and kills them all. Although it sounds straightforward enough, the kid is not revealed to have survived until the end and watching the movie will clear up any misconceptions
The writers of Lucky Number Slevin were geniuses
by JM009 January 27, 2008
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A film released in 2006 starring Josh Hartnett as Slevin, Bruce Willis as Mr. Goodkat, Lucy Liu as Lindsey, Morgan Freeman as The Boss and Ben Kingsley as The Rabbi.

It is basically a white supremacist's dream film come true, as the entire film is about Hartnett and Willis going around killing jews and black people. Thats pretty much all it is. I am just suprised they didn't get other ethnic groups and religions into the bloodbath.
Hartnett: Hey Bruce lets go kill everyone in a synagogue, burn it down and piss on the ashes! Then we'll go to a black baptist church and do the same exact thing!
Willis: Yeah!!!
Hartnett: And then lets strap Al Sharpton and Jerry Springer to chairs, and then make them die as slowly and painfully as possible!
Willis: Yeah they're gonna die hard!
KKK members watching the movie: Ok Lucky Number Slevin is the best movie EVAH! muahahahahah
by Morovzny January 24, 2008
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