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A bubble within itself, everyone knows everyones business. Girls are easy and basball guys are whores. Also known as Love Connection University because you well probably get married in the first year.
by XOXOXOGossip Girl March 08, 2009
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A Church of Christ University in Lubbock, Texas. Many students either graduate from Lubbock Christian High School or are from out of town. It is commonly referred to as "Love Connection University", because the vast majority of students marry a fellow Chap. LCU is a tight knit community that prides itself on its "Girl's Clubs" and "Boy's clubs". These groups are essentially sororities and fraternities that are rule-bound under the University. Those who choose to abstain from joining a club or playing sports will find themselves struggling to fit in due to the lack of academic activities. LCU is very much a socially focused University.
I live in Lubbock and had never heard of Lubbock Christian University, but they accepted my financial aid... so I came.
by LCUStudent March 29, 2010
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A university in north-west Lubbock, Texas that no one in Lubbock remembers or cares that it exist. Has a decent baseball team but overall just flat-out sucks.
Lubbock Christian University Student: "Hey I go to Lubbock Christian" Texas Tech Student: Where the fuck is that?
by hookemyea February 03, 2011
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