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To have sex with an ethnomusicologist, the kind of person (usually male) whose CD collection is filled with field recordings from Ghana, Brazil, etc. (and who studies the liner notes), and who enjoys attending lectures from visiting composers. The more exotic or arcane the music, the more he enjoys it.
Yeah, so I totally luaka bopped that sociology prof who hangs out at the food coop Saturday afternoons. Might not have been worth it, though. He made me listen to Tom Ze for like 2 hours before we did it.
by peppergomez April 12, 2011
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a record label created in 1988 by David Byrne to make available compilations of rare Brazillian "pop", Cuban, Rock en Español, and other world music to more ears.
Luaka Bop Records has published artists such as David Byrne, Zap Mama, Susana Baca, Nouvelle Vague, Jim White, Los Amigos Invisibles, and King Chango, as well as a variety of world music compilations.
by twilliams July 18, 2006
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