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A suburb north of Wellington New Zealand known to be a haven for white trash,boy racing fuckwits and small dicked baby booming consumers.
person 1:hey dude,are you heading out to lower hutt?
person 2:nah fuck that,i dont want niggas to steal my rims!!
by f-o-b June 09, 2006
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Lower Hutt ( A.k.a "The Hutt") is A Suburb Situated in Wellington New Zealand.

Lower Hutt is full of :
1. Druggos
2. Alcoholics
3. Wannbe prostitutes
4. High school kids ditching class
5. Delinquents having sex a birdie park
Person one: Hey bruv know any good tyre shops in Lower Hutt?

Person two: Nuk G not in LH

Person one: ayeeee surely theres gotta be one in the hutt

Person two: straight up ow bei, you don't go to LH to get tyres, you go to LH to get on the piss while someone steals your tyres
by NukdaDuk April 20, 2019
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Situated in Wellington, NZ this place houses every race and culture. Majority are white, and the girls are sexy!
"Where are you from?"
"Lower Hutt"
"Get Naked!!"
by ALocalBeggar October 12, 2011
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