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a person who fucks a lot but acts like he or she is innocent to the world of sex, but when you get them to bed, they turning your ass out!
Lets say you start with being kissed by a low key freak and the next thing you know you in a promiscuous position being attacked pleasurably, or standing/lying naked as your low key freak is sucking you up.
by Untraceable August 21, 2009
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Someone who seems innocent at first sight/ who is a virgin but when you get to know them or look through their my eyes only you see that they're actually a freak
Dave: Damn did you see Sarah's nudes leaked?
Adam: Yeah I had no idea she was so freaky, she's so quiet in class
Dave: Looks like we've got a lowkey freak on our hands
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by xenorod January 06, 2019
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