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the form of complimentary banter between two loved ones in which teasing is not to be found in short supply, and employs tactics such as inside jokes, and hilarious jabs of personal offense to the other; love is still conveyed, however these can get quite savage given the right couple and their level of tolerance and whimsical playfulness between the two. It should not be taken offensively, but as an endearing liveliness
Casey: "dangoldave, always up to no good, you need Jesus and to check on your 'mater plants"
Dave: "I don't fucking sound like that"
Casey: "I reckon you purdy much dang 'ol do actually"
Dave: "that's it, it's knuckles"

they love each other, and Casey doesn't think Dave is a redneck idiot that lacks the aptitude to properly grow tomatoes, and Dave isn't going to strike Casey with his knuckles (this time); they are just love teasing
by ichoosetophuckyou March 23, 2017
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