Love street also known as "shar3 il 7ob" is located in kuwait. It is were all the kuwaiti boys "shabab" and the kuwaiti girls go and try to flirt with one another. It is a really long road, which is very popular in kuwait. The best time of day to go there is friday nights at 8:00pm. When you drive by, the men usually are chasing after the girls in the cars.
ex: english
hey are you going to love street today?- man1
hell yeaa...its amazingg.. hope i find a hot girl today-man2

"ha 7abibi shrayek inroo7 shar3 il 7ob elyoom lena mako shay insawey"- kuwaiti guy
"ee yala 5anroo7 inshoof hal banat"-kuwaiti guy2
by kuwaity grl ;* September 1, 2009
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The type of love you give when you're from the street. Doesn't have to be all formal and proper; the kind of love you show when you can be relaxed around that special someone.
We come from two different worlds, girl I know. But just because I'm hood don't mean I'm tryna get with other girls... I want to give her all of my street love~!
by Iconoklastic~ February 3, 2010
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