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to embarass someone, to "call them out"
Why are you always loud capping on me?
by M. Perry December 03, 2004
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1. To call someone out, usually in a public setting.
2. To say something about someone that the person wouldn't really want other people to hear.
EJ (trying to impress a girl at a club): It would've been really cool if you had been at that party last night. It was wild!!

Girl (impressed): Oh really?

Sean (EJ's roomate): Dude, WHAT PARTY?! You were home sobbin on the couch watchin The Notebook!

Girl (laughing): Damn! He just loudcapped you! Haha!

(EJ embarrassed)
by The Girll June 01, 2009
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To call someone out, typically in public.
John: You shoulda seen... I banged suzie and her sister last night.

Joe: Man, you were at home all night.

John: Why'd ya loudcap me?
by bigTJT April 05, 2009
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