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short for colombo street, which is in christchurch,new zealand. The Longest busiest road in christchurch, goes throught the centre of the city, all the boy racers go up & down & up & down it all the time
hey im a sad tosser, so ill waste heaps of petrol doing laps down "lombo"
by physiKARL August 09, 2005
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cool, awesome, crazy, sick, ballin', gnarley

"Dude, did you see Jasons new haircut?"
"Yah, dude it was definatly lombo."
by jerr. February 15, 2009
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Lack Of Mind Blowing Orgasm: A condition affecting more females than males in which long periods of time pass between one mind blowing orgasm and the next. Left untreated, sufferers may experience a myriad of symptoms ranging from increased sexual desire to masturbation in a desperate attempt to cure themselves. Foggy thinking and lack of concentration are not uncommon. Sufferers may also become more sexually aggressive and outspoken, revealing and discovering levels of themselves that they or their partner(s) may have never experienced before. This condition should be taken seriously. Not only prompt but CONTINUOUS treatment is vital if one wishes to make a full recovery.
Jane had been divorced and single for three years and was suffering from a severe case of LOMBO.
by Jargifer November 03, 2011
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