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One who enters omegle with the intention of confusing, annoying, irritating, and generally being an all round asshole to the rest of the omegle community.

We are to omegle, what punk'd is to mtv...except not shit.
Lolmegler in action.

Cybermon...I choose you!

Emailed in by one of our readers, Kien.
Stranger: ash?!
You: Hi wana
Stranger: battle??
Stranger: YES
You: k
You: i send charizard
Stranger: k i send out tauros
Stranger: Tauros uses tackle….
You: charizard uses flamethrower
You: it makes tuaros hot… hot that he takes off his pants and uses erection...its super effective charizard’s defence has been taken down and he is now ready to fuck tauros
You: charizard uses reach around
You: critical hit
You: Tuaros uses growl….except instead he orgasms
You: i really just wated to cyber, but this battle is just as good
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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by lolmegler October 16, 2009
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