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A pronoun used to describe something being both comical and also amazing/bitchin' . Formulated during a concert when a 'lollington gran' was being a particularly enthusiastic member of the audience. It is very versatile and can be used in almost any situation.
lollington gran , lollington nun , lollington music , lollington restaurant etc .
by Lollington Lois July 29, 2006
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With lol meaning 'laugh out loud' it is quite clear what this means. It is an expression of humor, showing that you are laughing or find something extremely funny. (Please excuse the bad joke below) :)
Friend1: hey! Knock Knock
Friend2: Who's there?
Friend1: Boo
Friend2: Boo who?
Friend1: It was only a joke, no need to cry about it!
Friend2: lollingtons!
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by Hi it's Jas March 21, 2017
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