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Some one who excesively uses the term 'lol' in emails, text or other forms of electronic comunication
terry: Hey man what you upto later
John: Dunno lol
Terry: Dude whats up with u and lol u have a problem
John: yeah its my lol-itus, lol.
Terry: Fuck that man i aint talking to u no more, ure such a fag
John: lol :-(
by CharlieHobbit4 February 24, 2009
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A serious medical condition where a patient is caught in a state of perpetual or 'over-lolling'. In Lolitus, lol's have consumed the patients entire psyche, causing he or she to poop him/herself repeatedly until he/she dies. This is a VERY serious illness with no known cure. Symtoms include dry mouth, headache, sore throat, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, constipation, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, diarrhea, LOLOLOLOLOLOL, and LOLOLOLOL.

If you notice strange bolded LOLOLOLs replacing words on your screen, then you probably have Lolitus. If your friend seems to comment on your facebook with only 'lol', you're probably about to die. In this case, contact your doctor and tell him to give you a prostate exam. Its the only way to survive.
Guy 1's Facebook Status: Dude, i just at a BLT and i'm posting it on facebook
Guy 2: Lol
Guy 1: omg i think i have lolitus!
Guy 2: OMG you have lolitus? i feel so bad, becuase i was just writing a heartfelt comment about LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
Guy 1: its getting worse! if i die, tell my mother i love her
Guy 1: X_X
Guy 3: Hey i just ate a BLT too, what a coincidence :)
by Lolologist August 04, 2011
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