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This controversial quote is said to be found in the Instagram comments, but it is never confirmed. Some say you have to have an IQ of over 350 or you have to be a bit special in the head to be able to understand this quote. This quote can be used as an insult or to even point out that something is funny. Better luck next year in Sturt
*sees an Instagram post on a unknown fanpage
*proceeds to comment lol do funnt

*sees that he has written the comment wrong

*cries himself to sleep

*wakes up knowing how downie he was to comment it
Next day at school
*Joey kicks a ball into someones head

Johnny "lol do funnt xD"

*Fred proceeds to get very angry about people teasing him about saying lol do funnt then proceeds to scream "lol do fuck off!"
by Marget_Hall June 11, 2018
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