maybe the best female character in all of superhero films
"lois lane rocks"
by notusingrealname November 1, 2009
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ryhming slang for cocaine
for example "got any Lois Lane"
by ABH December 31, 2007
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A love interest, usually female, who ignores flirting and thoughtful actions because of her infatuation with someone who would probably never have her.
Tom: Who are those flowers for, Harry?
Dick: Dude! Are those for Tracy again?
Harry: I think I've got her close to a date!
Tom: No way! She's obsessed with her boss.
Dick: Yeah. She's such a Lois Lane.
Harry: :(
by Daggermouth July 7, 2010
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One who retaliates to getting "supermaned" by scrubbing one's asshole with his toothbrush.
Girl 1 : I heard you got supermaned

Girl 2 : yeah I scrubbed muh aney with his white rod....I lois laned that bro!!!
by i740solid August 30, 2009
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When your man makes you hot and bothered but cannot deliver, leaves you wet with no satisfaction and pases out on your ass. You roll him to his stomache, strattle him and cum onto his back once you are done stick the bed sheet to him. Once he wakes for his morning pee taking the sheet with him hence he has been "Lois Laned".
One night I left the room to get something sexy on for my man only to come back and find him without him I finished the deed I then proceeded to Lois Lane him.
by snow minx January 2, 2011
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The girlfriend/wife of the famous superhero superman.
Who somehow survives multiple times of having sex with him, even though him simply inserting his dildo inside her hole would kill her instantly.
Lois Lane is immortal, theres no way she survived banging superman.
by tacowithpeanutbutter11 January 28, 2023
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When a girl is ovulating and she lets it drip down her leg onto his face.
He tried to Superman me, so I Lois Lane’d the shit outta his face.
by Wonder Woman 1984 December 25, 2017
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