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Someone who bothers a person at school, when they're using their locker. More a less, they're bullying the locker rather than the person. The locker bully isn't being serious, it's funny because in who really bullies people these days?

A locker bully may:

- Hide until a person opens their locker door, slam the door, and lock it.

- Mess with the stuff in the locker (eg. mirror, memo pad)

- If you know the person pre-sets the locker, turning it so you open it.

- Wearing any article of clothing in the locker.

- Running immediatly after doing whatever and saying the phrase "LOCKER BULLIES RULE"
I'm a true locker bully, I went to her locker, slammed it when she opened it, and got her to suck my dick with consent, even though she really didn't want to.
by Ballantine November 16, 2007
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