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I F Y O U R E S C A R E D T O L O O K, W E β€˜ L L L O O K T O G E T H E R
Local 58was a news channel on YouTube that revealed strange videos, it ran and is still going. It’s most notable video is β€œdon’t look up.” Local 58 is believed to be a news channel that was hjacked by aliens.
James: Have you heard of Local58?
Gary: Yeah, it’s the spooky shit
by TJC(Hazel And Mori) April 19, 2019
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Local 58 is a bad ass YouTube channel with very strange but awesome videos. It appears that aliens may be behind the events in the series. It requires the use of a brain to fully enjoy the videos. You are on the fastest available route and you should go outside now.
Local 58 needs to upload more videos

There are many knockoffs of Local 58 on YouTube with questionable quality
by UndeadEAS1994 September 28, 2019
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