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1) n. A female who enjoys performing fellatio on (blowing) men for the sole purpose of being able to swallow loads of cum (sperm ejaculated at point of orgasm). Some women DO have this acquired taste for semen, while others seem to just plain old like it.

2) n. An derogitory insult referring especially to men. A loadblower can be a suckup, brownnoser, or someone who has offended you.
1) Guy 1: How's your new girlfriend?
Guy 2: Oh, Aleta? She's a loadblower.
Guy 1: Lucky, I wish my girlfriend was a loadblower, but she never swallows.

2) Guy 1: Bill Clinton was a loadblower, he probably only got elected by blowing everyone in Congress.
Guy 2: No way man, Bush is the loadblower, the selfish bastard managed to blow Tony Blair, but he neglects his own wife.
by Protagonist25 June 23, 2007
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