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Laughing My Ass Off While Jacking Myself Off.

It's one of those jokes that's so funny it sort of gives you a slight boner. Like the first time you heard "jizz in my pants", you were so entertained by it that you sort of got a mind boner - just a very pleasant feeling.

It's also going the extra mile to proclaim love for a joke. Usually people just caps-lock lmao to show their love. This really goes the extra effort - it's 4 extra letters. Plus, it's a ridiculous image when you literally think about it.
"Dude I'm so fucked."


"I guess, like, maybe, my mom, like, just found hella nude pictures of myself that I took for Playgirl."


"It's not a joke! It's my life!!"


"You're a horrible friend!"
by mosarmani November 08, 2009
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