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The evil brother of the roflcopter. Scientists who have studied both the roflcopter AND the lmaofish believe that the lmaofish would win in a fight.
Also a stronger term of the phrase "laugh out loud" than roflcopter, meaning that you are literally hurting from laughter.
"wow, your lmaofish jus pwned my roflcopter"
*tells joke*
by drunkenpanda September 04, 2008
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A method of guessing on a multiple choice test that involves looking at the position of the second hand. If the hand is between 12 and 3 the guess is A. If the hand is between 3 and 6 the guess is B. Between 6 and 9 guess C. Between 9 and 12 guess D.
I passed my test! Thanks to the Clock Method
by ET4444 November 12, 2007
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