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The combination between a llama and an ostrich. The esteemed llostrich combines the wings of the ostrich and the divine wit and expectoration ability of the llama. The llostrich is capable of giving birth to egg. This creature is a tripod (two front legs and one back central leg - the back leg serves a dual function as a tail). It is furry with the occasional feather surrounded by bald patches. The llostrich has feathery ears and a snout. The feathers amplify sound allowing the llostrich to evade capture by it's arch nemesis - the liger.
Yo, did you see that llostrich run by?

What's a llostrich?

The rare but majestic animal that just hopped by on 3 legs.

Ohhhhh!.... Isn't that a liger chasing it?

Why is it holding a trident?
by double decker loo May 07, 2009
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