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Llesssell is fiercely powerful and relentlessly self driven. Her soul is hyper sensitive but deeply intuitive. She can read minds and hearts and souls. For this reason she won’t settle for anything less than real. She lives a life on her own calendar, and so, she can be both an early or late bloomer, which is dictated solely by her own internal clock. Since she’s so sensitive she has endured incredible amounts of pains and her heart has built walls around it to keep her safe from being contaminated by any external energy. This is how she stays pure but is also why some presume her to be mean spirited. Only she holds the key to open her heart and she will do it only once she feels it is safe. She’s beautiful by nature. But her beauty is her Achilles heal. It’s her biggest blessing but her biggest curse. She will experience transformation only once her true character fully fills her beautiful form. Her intuition is so powerful it will lead her to incredible success especially as she learns to separate voices of fear and insecurity from truth and wisdom. Her twin flame will force her to explore the inner workings of her inner strength. Her patriarchal upbringing has created challenges for her to establish complete independence but once she learns to rely on her intuition independently rather than the advice of men she will awaken a powerful goddess within that will transform the world through her divine wisdom. Nothing on this earth is as lovable as a Llesssell.
She’s a real LLESSSELL!
by Alexander87 July 28, 2018
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