When that twat who is paid £0.50 an hour in Mc Donalds tells you you can't take 2 straws because it is not regulation, and we all know it is only because behind that counter is the most authority he is ever going to have and he is making sure he takes advantage of it, like a little hitler would.
airport worker: you bag is 0.5kg over weight.. that's £7 please.
passenger: but it's only 0.5kg! can I not take a belt out or something?
airport worker: no.. because I am behind the counter until 5 when i will go home to my husband that will make me cook him fishfingers, so i would like to feel important and watch you squirm.
passenger: well SOMEONE has some serious little hitler syndrome!
by CWWWWWW June 26, 2011
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