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Your boyfriend is been a wanker, annoying you all night, you really want to just smother his face so you secretly feed him a couple of xanax and wait until he falls into a deep slumber. It is perfect timing as you are on your period and have thick menstrual blood gushing from your snatch. You take your underwear off and pull out a nice juicy and succulent tampon. You sensually rub the tampon over your smug boyfriends face and lips and then sit your bleeding pussy on his face. Your menstrual blood smears all over his pretty little face, you make sure his lips are parted so he can taste all the juices flowing from your tight little cunt. You do this until his face looks like it belongs in a Quentin Tarrinto movie. You really want to make sure you get a few stringy blood clots smeared across his perfect face and also a few clots in his hair that will dry over night.
"If you don't shut up I'm gonna get my friend little red riding cunt to smother you with her bleeding vagina!"
by Jordan Converse October 26, 2013
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