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One the most smartest person on earth, and has a smile that make any boy fall for her. She is truly a good model for kids, you would be the luckiest person if you ever get to date her, talk to her or even look at her, because she is a blessing sent from god himself. But don't mess with her, that goddess maybe kind hearted but, can break your arm if you even hurt someone she cares for. She is the most loyal person you will ever meet, but be careful cause her beautiful, pearly white smile will blind you. If you ever get the chance to meet her you have been blessed, but she wont stay for long, cause she's a powerful young lady ready to take on the world with her brains, beauty, and her kindness. They say no one is perfect but that's because they have never met Liszeth or known as lafonda.
If you ever get to meet a Liszeth you will look like a troll and an idiot just standing by her, unless your a Shayla.
by HellerLiszeth January 08, 2018
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