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Liquid r0x0r is the base substance of all that is Pro (or pr0). The source of this "Liquid r0x0r" is the plentiful and sacred streams that flow amidst the lofty cloud of Admin. One of the most globally recognizable accounts of Liquid r0x0r exposure is that of Chuck Norris. After being consistently picked on and beaten up at school Chuck sold his soul to the devil for solution, the devil handed him a bottle of Liquid r0x0r. Soon after Chuck proceeded to kick the devils ass reclaiming his soul, The devil's and many other souls including Bruce Lee's. While Chuck Norris' exposure was quite minimal it significantly Raised Chucks power to greatly exceed that of 99% of the human race.

Recognizable by its velvety and silk like feeling, flavor resembling gummy bears the ever flowing streams of Liquid r0x0r once produced a guardian. Purely forged from solidified r0x0r... Maddox emerged...

while technically not correct... it is quite acceptable to use "Liquid r0x0r" to describe the utter and absolute greatness of things...
by James Whittaker May 15, 2006
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