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An individual who promotes idiostics.

The rise of Internet communications has led to a rise in poor grammar, spelling, and punctuation, along with a rise in ad-hoc fad-based portmanteaus, such as Brangolina. Linguidiot is a portmanteau mocking both the overuse of portmanteaus and people with exceptionally poor grasp of writing constructs. It combines linguistics (the science of language) and idiot (severe retardation).

Some linguistic offenders prefer to respond by further highlighting their ignorance, using responses such as Grammar Nazi.

Originally coined April 3, 2013 by Gregory S. of Florida.
Bob: Ur l8me to.

Fred: Way to go, linguidiot! You make yourself look like you have no ability to learn and apply details.

Bob: grammar nazi

Fred: (roll eyes) You're using the wrong words (too, not to) and can't spell! That's not even grammar!
by ChuckerGreg April 03, 2013
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