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The smell of a sinister fart, long after it was released from the bowels of its purgatorial last resting place. So potent is a linger wraith that it can cling to a man's nose hairs on a rooftop in a strong wind for more than 2 hours! A linger wraith was said to have been so powerful, that after being released from its bondage in King Tut's Tomb, it still roams the earth to this very day unable to dissipate into rarity and is still claiming unsuspecting victims in every corner of the world. Clearly it's existence is a supernatural phenomenon.
victim: "Whoa the linger wraith from that incident at Taco Bell still haunts this room...!"

perpetrator: "yeah, I cut that one over four days ago!"

victim: "...Funny, how it seems to only to return in your presence and fade in you absence..."

perp: "...uh, yeah... pretty funny..."
by Doc Awesome3 November 25, 2010
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