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Lillianah is a the most beautiful girl in the most unique ways, she’s exotic and once you have her you don’t let go! she’s intelligent in her own way,Shes very down to earth too! She’s always there for anyone no matter what the situation is. She loves every single one of her friends and is really protective over the special ones.she loves shoes and sports but she has the cutest video gaming nerdy side you can’t resist but to love it!she loves to cuddle her boyfriend and she would do anything for him even if it means dropping her whole schedule to do absolutely nothing with him. Shes the sweetest, most vibrant beauty, she has the most beautiful smile that’ll make everyone’s day and she loves to laugh as well as being the one to make you laugh in any situation possible. She has the most unique personality but probably the best personalities out of anyone. She’s just perfect!
Once you get lillianah. Don’t let her go!
by Thewiseone9 May 14, 2018
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