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Amazing, Beautiful, Talented, Intelligent, Caring, Gorgeouse, most Loving Girl♥ Her eyes are a light chocolate brown color that you can fall in love with instantly, Has such an amazing personality that you will not find anywhere. Sings like a melody to your ears and talks with the most purest voice. you'll definitly feel Loved when she talks to you. Has a Hilariouse sense of humor and can laugh with you for hours on end! Her hair is like a waterfall flowing down a beautifully sculped canvas. Truly unique than any other girl. We need more people in this world like her. The only downfall to her is that theres only one of her, shes a rare gem. One in a million.
Woah! i think i just saw a lil mariposa!
how do you know?
The way she talks and she looks.. like a beautiful lil butterfly
by puerto behbeh February 24, 2010
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