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A code-word put on acting resumes to indicate that a male actor is willing to do a gay sex scene that goes further than just kissing (i.e., groping, massaging, simulated/fake orgasms).

Because Jake Gyllenhaal listed "light combat" on his acting resume under the heading "Special Skills," the casting director knew that he would be perfect for the movie, "Brokeback Mountain", which would require him to have passionate gay sex with his co-star, Heath Ledger.

Aspiring Actor: If it meant I could finally get the big lead in a movie, I would do a gay sex scene, but I think it might be weird to put on my resume. What do I do?
Agent: Well, are you willing to do more than just kissing?
Aspiring Actor: Sure, but could you be more specific?
Agent: For instance, are you willing to at least roll around on a bed with another man while you are semi-nude and groping his chest and butt in front of the camera?
Aspiring Actor: Not a problem.
Agent: Are you even willing to act like you had an orgasm?
Aspiring Actor: Of course.
Agent: Well then, on your acting resume, just list "light combat" as one of your "special skills." That lets movie makers know that they should consider you for gay acting roles that call for a passionate gay sex scene.
by King#12 July 07, 2010
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