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A life-noob (a.k.a lifenoob, lifenub, and other l33tspeak variations) is a person who cannot handle, cope with, or live in the real world. They often turn to "living on the net", and prove their worth by playing immersive games such as MMORPG's. While they often master such environments by rapidly advancing to the highest level, they're lack of understanding of society and community usually make them appear to be immature 12 year olds with no command of any language (not even l3375p34k).

While he often said it to people in real life, it was first posted on the 'net in a comical thread within the forums of the MMORPG entitled "The Matrix Online". The original poster was (me) wwWizard2k (I claim the coinage of this word, it's not here, or on a basic google search =P), who had lost his cool at the lack of community, and decided to rant off some advice to his peers with a Sunscreen parody.
"Don't congratulate or berate yourself in this game. Your choices are half chance, and in the end, we're all a bunch of life-noobs who can't go outside."
by wwWizard2k August 24, 2005
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one who is inexperienced in the ways of the world, failing on their first (or subsequent) attempts to do things due to lack of experience. Similar to a noob in that their actions often negatively affect other's perceptions of them.
That man just tried to change his tyre for the first time and managed to drop the car on his foot. I would call him a lifenoob.
by themanoftomorrow March 11, 2012
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Generally used on the internet and in real-life, this word has many origins. Generally used to describe someone as an outcast, or someone who does something out of the norm on a constant basis.

Meaning 1: Someone who fails simple everyday tasks. For example - failing to operate an ATM, tie ones shoes properly or wash their hands after using the toilet.

Meaning 2: Someone who fails to socialise in a normal way. For example - at a pub or club, attempting to use a pick-up line on a girl.

Meaning 3: Someone who can no longer function properly in a real environment, and must live constantly "online" connected to their computer/mobile phone/television/etc
1: "Holy shit, that guy over there has been trying to put his card into the ATM the wrong way around for the past 10 minutes, what a life noob."


Ben: Hey baby, wanna come back to my house for a drink? I've got cable TV
Girl: *SLAP*
Ben: ouch. Hey sugar wanna come back to my house for a drink? I have a BMW
Girl2: *SLAP*
Ben: yeow. Hey honey wanna come back to my place for a coffee? I own stocks in a multimillion dollar company
Girl3: *SLAP*

3: "Holy shit. Those two fat geeks do nothing but play World of Warcraft all day, I bet they've forgotten the real world uses dollars and when you die you don't respawn."
by #FTW April 06, 2006
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A lifenoob is an individual who lacks any life skills, streetsmarts or the ability to produce a decent comeback in a verbal fight..

Originating in halo 3 online, it originated when an american was unable to defend himself from some abuse i gave to him...
Cill: you're garbage.
Halo Player: no, you're garbage!
Cill: You are the worlds greatest lifenoob!!
by cill+js August 09, 2008
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