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Usually a girl of laughter and very secretive sometimes.Likes most of her man attention but yet spaces her self to see if he the Real or not.Nervous of what her lover really thinks of her and is very territorial Licec is a woman who doesn't believe she perfect but not knowing some people actually wish or try to be like her. Being the "hype man" of her group Licec loves socializing and is very trust worthy. Licec might make mistakes but still is a person of truth and honesty half the time.Your Licec will be there for u through thick and thin.A keshawn I believe is perfect for a Licec knowing haters want her man and wish they could be her. Licec is kind hearted And loves to make u happy and give a shoulder when ur down. Is a person that your mind may be stuck on, she may not know it but she is an example of truth, honesty and forgiveness.
Licec- A sign that god still loves u
by A shoulder to cry on March 15, 2017
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