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Liberal Inquisition. The current political system in Canada based on political correctness doctrine . All is well as long as you are in absolute agreement with Justin Trudeau's Liberals. The moment you have a disagreement, you are instantly labeled as a heretic and prosecuted for your difference of opinion. The approach is identical to what the Catholic church did centuries ago. This is done through the use of social media to taint your image, or in worse case scenario, by having your employment directly affected.
I had a disagreement in the office today with a coworker during the lunch hour about gender fluidity and before the work day was over I was taken to the HR office to be told that my opinion was very inappropriate (read - politically incorrect) and that I must correct my views if I wish to remain employed. I was also told that this "incident" would be in my permanent employee file. This was a classic case of "Libquisition"!
by Liberal hypocrisy fighter June 10, 2018
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