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The worst place to get an education in the entirety of the United States of America. This pathetic excuse for a school is located in the DIRTY LEWI, WHERE EVERY GIRL GETS PREGNANT, which is a tiny worthless town in Maine (that state nobody cares about). The teachers are either old crusty FAT cunts who hate their jobs AND IMMIGRANTS, or fat slobs who couldn't get hired any place else MANY FAT CUNTS THERE MAKES YOU WANNA DIE. People say that I'm lucky to able to receive an education, but I would rather grow up in a small mexican village with trump as my president and die from Ebola on my first birthday, than attend Lewiston high school
Person 1: "Where did you go to school?"

Person 2: "Lewiston high school"
Person 1: "How was it?"

Person 2: "It gave me AIDS, STD'S, EBOLA"
Person 1: "Oh."

Person 2: *dies*
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