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levittown is a philly "suburb" located roughly 30 minutes east of the city. our neighborhoods are called sections and are marked by a large usually blue sign. the names of the streets start the the same first letter of the setion it is located in. it is very diverse. we have every kind of person from the emo kids, hoodrats and even an old acid fried hippy who trains squirrels.most kids in L-town complain that there is not much to do but drink, fuck and smoke buddha. that is not far from the truth. when confronted by someone from another town the typical L-towner will defend it and come up with many reasons why its a good place to live. Levittown is notorious for L-Town Brown which is shitty kind weed that gives you a 1 hour high accompanied by a vicious headache. However, most of the herb in levittown is good because it is either homegrown or comes from philly. most of the teens in levittown smoke trees which at times makes regs hard to find, leaving only higher quality bud such as dank and headdies which many cant afford. wawa is the shit
damn, L-town is fuckin boreing, lets go down to the wall and smoke a blunt thenwander around appltree for awhile before we raid ur fridge.

levittown pennsylvania
by The Jolly Reyes May 13, 2009
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