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A Leviana is super nice she can be mean sometimes but when you get to know her she is EVERYTHING you will want in a girl and yeah she could be shy but just get to know her and sometimes boys call her names and sometimes people don't like her but she is tough she been through a lot and yeah she could make some mistakes with boys but come on everybody makes mistakes with love she is VERY BEAUTIFUL and LOYAL believe me just GET TO KNOW HER and if you know a Leviana and you don't like her or you know her name but you don't know her PLEASE get to know her like talk to her and she likes when people makes a conversation with her first and she is a person you will never regret to meet she will be there for you, keep your secret, and she will do anything you say to make you happy don break her heart break she is EVERYTHING you wish for just GET TO KNOW HER.
by Estivana April 27, 2017
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