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1, Levergenging (verb)

Trying to stay relevant and famous by leverenging over and over as a fashion designer, pop singer, crotch grabber and a would be wannabe artist with dreams of being Picasso, Elvis, Dior

2, Levergenging, (verb) (1)
levering out of the family TV Show and throwing your transgender father away like a disposable razor to gain maximum advantage, fame, magazine mentions and leverage with Donald Trump and all other right wing nutters.

3, Levergenging (verb) name dropping for personal gain and getting a twitter slap across the face by Kim Kardashian while she proceeds to once again look completely stupid with terrible English and newly minted senseless words.

*Note 1 Posted on social media by simple reality stars, in the belief that they are fooling the world to think they actually do have a brain cell and can use a big long word such as levergenging that nobody has a clue about so much so that it bamboozles the world, breaks the Internet and fortifies the impression most people have of reality star powered vapid idiocy

advantage, bargaining chip, clout, weight, ascendancy, authority, break, drag, edge, grease, power, pull rank, ropes, suction, jump on, Kanye,
1, Why don't you do a Kanye and begin by leverenging that thing right out of here.
2, That is insane. What a blatant case of levergenging.
3, Don't start levergenging me or you will earn the wrath of my wife's tongue and bad English.

(Quote) Kim Kardashian West - You’re over levergenging Kanye’s name & asked Kanye to donate money to u so stop w your fake community politics & lies. Truth is you haven’t been able to sustain the foundation
by Mayet June 11, 2018
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