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Lethiwe is one of the greatest listeners you can find on this earth, she’s outgoing and very humorous at times, she’s a very emotional person and likes to keep to herself most of the time. She’s fun to be around and is very protective of her close friends and family. She’s one hot chicka, she’s got the looks in the bag, she’s very stubborn and feisty. Extremely competitive too. Everyone needs a Lethiwe in they life. Whenever you need a shoulder to cry on Lethiwe is the person to go to, but don’t take her kindness for granted cause once you mess up whew child it’s gonna go down, but she believes in second chances so you can win her back. She’s definitely wifey, marriage, girlfriend material, she’s a very loving and accommodating person so whatever you like that she doesn’t she’ll be willing to try it out.
Lethiwe is a very bubbly person.
by The shii July 22, 2018
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