It's not what you might think: on the telly program, "Blaze and the Monster Machines" when Blaze (a talking monster truck) says, "Let's blaze", it "grows" these blue-glowing tailpipes and kicks ass. However, when somebody says, "let's blaze!" in the real world, they'll whip out a big-ass bong or a big fat bowl and spark it up.
Hey Debbie! Come over here; let's blaze!
by Telephony February 5, 2019
The debut album for the Canadian musician Ko Kapches. It contains songs such as Capable, Kurt Kobain, and the title song Lets Blaze, to name a few.
You hear Ko's new album "Lets Blaze"?

Hell yeah. That shits the BOMB!
by ParpolPantz January 6, 2012