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to be used in a ironic sense when something really bad happens, or to be used as a comically verbose way of saying not very good.

preferable can also be substituted for other words in order to better fit the situation, such as "cool", "awesome",

"heterosexual", "believable", "attractive", "exciting",

"damn it, all my coursework was on that computer, this is less than preferable"

"i swear, that is not mine"
"that's less than believable"

"wow that three hour lecture on the composition of soil was less than exciting"

"really, you're wearing a pink tank top and hotpants? well that is less than heterosexual"

"mate, wtf, you're fucking my mum?!"
"yeah, i guess that for you this arrangement is less than preferable"

"oh shit my blood tests are back and they're not good"
"well, that's less than preferable"

tv-"every day millions of people die of starvation"
"well, that is less than preferable"
by pigaloo October 31, 2009
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