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A school of complete white ass bitches and fuckboi's. The girls only wear converse and the guys in khakis. The girls wear blankets to every class and the boys steal clocks. We park 3 deep in the student lot and get put on lockdown for bats in the hall way and dollar general getting robbed. Otherwise, one of the damn best schools in Ft Lame
"Did you hear Leo high school was on lockdown?"
"Yea, was there a bat in the hallway?"
"Nope, just dollar general got robbed"
by clockkkkkkk73937 May 06, 2016
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A school that is talked about as being one of the best schools in Indiana, but is full of potheads and fuckboys. The teachers are nice but r bad at teaching and the school lunches are literally rubber.
"Man I've heard that Leo High School is one of the best School in Indiana."
"Yeah, I've also heard that it's full of pot heads and fuckboys so I don't know what to believe"
by xxwafflecakesxx July 25, 2017
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